The TAMPting project’s two common goals:

  • understanding how tail-anchored proteins are incorporated into a variety of target membranes;
  • using tail-anchored proteins to improve liposome based drug delivery and create artificial membranes.

The overriding ethos of our consortium is to develop a robust platform for the application and exploitation of tail-anchored membrane proteins that operates within a framework where we develop and enhance our knowledge and understanding of their cellular biogenesis.

For a recent review of tail-anchored proteins see: Johnson, N., Powis, K. and High, S. (2013). Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. BBA - Molecular Cell Research 1833: 2403–2409.

These positions will be filled from November 2013 with PhD appointments for 36 months (early stage researchers) and Postdoctoral appointments (experienced researchers) for 24 months. All of the posts attract a generous level of salary.

Project ID Title Scientist-in-charge

Early stage researcher (PhD) positions

ESR1(Vacancy filled) Creating synthetic membranes using TA-chimeras Professor Stephen High
ESR2(Vacancy filled) BAG6/SGTA mediated quality control of MLPs Professor Stephen High
ESR3(Vacancy filled) Intracellular targeting of TA proteins Professor Nica Borgese
ESR4 Spontaneous TA protein insertion Professor Nica Borgese
ESR5 (Vacancy filled) Tail-anchored protein biogenesis in E. coli Dr Joen Luirink
ESR6 (Vacancy filled) Mycobacterial tail-anchored proteins: a druggable target? Dr Joen Luirink
ESR7 (Vacancy filled) Biogenesis of mitochondrial tail-anchored proteins Professor Doron Rapaport
ESR8(Vacancy filled) Cytosolic delivery factors for mitochondrial TAs Professor Doron Rapaport
ESR9 Biogenesis of hepatic tail-anchored proteins Professor Blanche Schwappach
ESR10 (Vacancy filled) Role of WRB in cardiac function Professor Blanche Schwappach

Experienced researcher (Postdoctoral) positions

ER1 (Vacancy filled) Customising liposomes with tail-anchored proteins Dr Doron Friedman
ER2 Recombinant tail-anchored protein chimeras Dr Jan-Willem de Gier
ER3 (Vacancy filled) Novel antibodies for key components Dr Henrik Martens

Candidates should have a strong track record in one of the following: biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology; or closely related expertise and all applicants should ensure that they are eligible for a Marie Curie award and meet the relevant criteria.

See individual project link for application details.