The TAMPting project’s two common goals:

  • understanding how tail-anchored proteins are incorporated into a variety of target membranes;
  • using tail-anchored proteins to improve liposome based drug delivery and create artificial membranes.

The overriding ethos of our consortium is to develop a robust platform for the application and exploitation of tail-anchored membrane proteins that operates within a framework where we develop and enhance our knowledge and understanding of their cellular biogenesis.

For a recent review of tail-anchored proteins see: Johnson, N., Powis, K. and High, S. (2013). Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. BBA - Molecular Cell Research 1833: 2403–2409.

The fellows recruited to the TAMPting network are working on the below projects, the ESRs being 36 months and the ERs 24 months in length.

Project ID Title Scientist-in-charge

Early stage researcher (PhD) positions

ESR1 Creating synthetic membranes using TA-chimeras Professor Stephen High
ESR2 BAG6/SGTA mediated quality control of MLPs Professor Stephen High
ESR3 Intracellular targeting of TA proteins Professor Nica Borgese
ESR4 Spontaneous TA protein insertion Professor Nica Borgese
ESR5 Tail-anchored protein biogenesis in E. coli Dr Joen Luirink
ESR6 Mycobacterial tail-anchored proteins: a druggable target? Dr Joen Luirink
ESR7 Biogenesis of mitochondrial tail-anchored proteins Professor Doron Rapaport
ESR8 Cytosolic delivery factors for mitochondrial TAs Professor Doron Rapaport
ESR9 Biogenesis of hepatic tail-anchored proteins Professor Blanche Schwappach
ESR10 Role of WRB in cardiac function Professor Blanche Schwappach

Experienced researcher (Postdoctoral) positions

ER1 Customising liposomes with tail-anchored proteins Professor Yechezkel Barenholz
ER2 Recombinant tail-anchored protein chimeras Dr Jan-Willem de Gier
ER3 Novel antibodies for key components Dr Henrik Martens